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We Buy all Styles & Era's of Antique Jewelry

Circa 1800 - 1970
Antique Vintage and Estate Jewelry Era Timeline
We Buy Vintage Retro Mid Century Jewelry
Sell Retro Mid Century Jewelry
Retro Mid Century Jewelry Examples
Mid Century / Retro Jewelry (1935 - 1950)

During this period the middle class was growing and with this came large statement jewelry. Jewelry sets were often popularized and large cocktail rings were crafted. In the 50’s diamonds were gaining popularity among customers. The term “A Diamond is Forever”, created by De Beers was popularized. Designs were constructed with inspiration from nature. Large jewelry became popular during this time because it was considered to be wearable art.

Beads, Multi Strands for Necklaces, Lucite, Rhinestones, Pearls, Diamonds, Platinum, Gold

Animals, Abstract Designs, Stars, Futuristic, Flowers, Bows

We Buy Antique Art Deco Jewelry
Sell Antique Art Deco  Jewelry
Antique Art Deco  Jewelry Example
Art Deco Jewelry (1920 - 1935)

The Art Deco Eras occurred during the roaring 20’s. This decade is known for the ratification of the 18th amendment, which banned alcohol, and the passing of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. The term was created during the 1925 World's Fair in Paris. They used “Art Deco” to describe a decorative style that consisted of geometric shapes and patterns, Smooth lines, colorful designs, and a modern feel. The designs of this time replaced the previous Edwardian Era and were influenced by the industrial revolution.

Platinum, White Gold, Diamonds, Marcasite, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Synthetic Gemstones, Aquamarines, Cultured Pearls, Colored Glass, Camphor Glass, Enamel, Opals, Black Onyx

Filigree, Geometric Shapes, Abstract Designs, Flowers, Symmetry

We Buy  Jewelry Art Nouveau / Edwardian Jewelry
Sell your Jewelry Art Nouveau / Edwardian Jewelry
Art Nouveau / Edwardian Jewelry examples
Art Nouveau / Edwardian Jewelry (Circa 1890s - 1915)

The Edwardian Era is said to have begun in 1901. The “New Art” movement known as Art Nouveau started during this time period. Jewelry was inspired by nature, had mystical style, and had aspects of symbolism. Around 1915, the start of the first World War brought an end to the Edwardian Era.

Old Mine Cut and Old European Cut Diamonds, Pearls, Platinum, Moonstones, Rose Gold, Peridot, Enamel, Glass, Opals

Gibson Girl, Flowers, Vines, Wreaths, Ribbon, Fleur de Lis, Butterflies, Clovers, Horses, Foxes, Riding Crop

We Buy your Victorian Jewelry
Sell your Jewelry Victorian Jewelry
Victorian Jewelry examples
Victorian Jewelry (1840s - 1890s)

Romance and symbolism were common aspects in the art of jewelry construction during this time. The trends during this time were set by Queen Victoria, which is why this period is known as the Victorian era. A rising middle class in Britain during this time, meant that common people were able to afford jewelry. During this period, people were private about personal things in their life. This came out through the secret language of symbolism, often seen in many pieces of jewelry. Lots of craftsmanship used colored gemstones and enamel.

Agate, Garnets, Pave Set Turquoise, Black Enamel, Moonstones, Rose Gold, Seed Pearls, Onyx, Amethyst, Hair

Buckles, Nature & Leaves, Buckles, Celestial, Horseshoes, Dragons, Flowers, Snakes, Birds

We Buy your Georgian Jewelry
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Georgian Jewelry Examples we buy
Georgian Jewelry (Circa 1714 - 1840)

Jewelry during this era was mostly only possessed by the rich, these pieces represented wealthy aspects. The jewelry was handcrafted in molds and used 18 karat gold or higher. The Georgian era created trends such as day and night time jewelry. During the day, pearls and shells were often used. During the night, people brought out monumental and glamorous items. Symmetry was a common theme, lavish pieces were created during this era. Jewelry from this time period is becoming increasingly hard to find.

Diamonds, Pale Gemstones, Hair, Ribbon, Shell, Pinchbeck, Silver, 18K Yellow Gold

Eyes, Posey, Feathers, Cameos, Foliage, Crescents, Butterflies, Pansies, Hands